Yachts: Explained

the definition of a yacht- sexyWas there ever a time you heard the word “yachting” and you curled your eyebrows in confusion?

It is somewhat of a made up term, but one that is very sacred to the group of individuals who own or use them.
In fact, the very definition of what makes a yacht different from other boats often escapes many people.
For many yacht owners, it is a very frustrating experience to be discussing this part of your life at a social gathering only to have someone respond “I know what you mean, I love my fishing boat.”
A yacht and a boat are as different as night and day, and the more people understand this, the fewer strange looks you will get when you tell your associates that one of your passions is “yachting”.

recreational yachting 101Different Approaches to Yachting

Two things that are true of yachts is that they are significantly large and they are primarily used for recreation.
But despite some predefined notions of how yacht owners approach their passions, there is a lot of variety to how yachts are used recreationally.
One thing to point out is recreational yachting is split between those who enjoy yachting for the luxury of cruising the high seas in maximum comfort and those who love yachts for racing.
Both approaches to yachting have growing populations and lots of support to feed the enthusiasm for yachting amongst the yachting population.

Yachting vs. Sailing

Within the category of recreational yachting, there are distinctions in the types of yachts and how people go about enjoying this very diverse hobby.
One big difference is between yachting and sailing.
There is a beauty to sailing that is undeniable. It is actually more attainable to own a sailboat rather than a yacht if you are looking for more economical hobbies. But sailing also is also more demanding and requires a lot of equipment and specialized skills that are necessary in order to maneuver them.
It is an addictive side of yachting that you can grow into. Many who love sailing yachts will start out sailing with a crew who are skilled at handling the rigs and then allow those talented sailors to teach the skill to the yacht owner.

Full Crew vs. Skipper vs. Bare Boat Yachting

yacht full crew yachting 101Another distinction of yachts is the level of involvement you might bring to actually operating the boat on open waters.

A full yacht crew would mean everything is done for you.

This is the ultimate luxury because not only do you have no concerns for taking the yacht across the waters, you are pampered with every need and desire by a crew dedicated to your comfort and happiness.
This is another reason why yachts are considered more of a luxury “boat”.
But if you want to get closer to the experience of running the boat yourself, you can go with a ‘Skipper’, who can manage much of the details of the yachting but leave the “crew work” to you.
And then if you are the type who truly prefers to fly solo, you can also go in “bare boat” yacht, which means you do all the work.

A Fun “Toy” For Everyone

There is a lot of variety in the experience you can have on a yacht and still call it a yachting excursion.
In all of these cases, the yachting experience is nothing but fun, pleasure, and excitement.
Whether it’s the thrill of a yacht race or you alone exploring the coast of Africa, there are many ways to utilize this hobby to your preference.
And to most of us, that is what it means to own a yacht or even to charter one and feel like you own it.
If you are thinking about starting a hobby in yachting, it is one of the most refreshing and fulfilling hobbies there is. It can be your next adventure, or your next alone time, relaxing away from the world.