Gulet Charters in Turkey

If you’re looking for a truly relaxing and invigorating holiday, discovering the ancient sites, bays, coves and harbors of Turkey, then a gulet charter is perfect for you. 

Cruise in style on incredible journeys of discovery that have to be experienced in order to believe.

a turkish gulet charterCruising on a Gulet

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to gulets.

Traditionally, every gulet that is offered is hand-crafted in Turkey.

Gulet cruises can host groups of 2 to 24 people, with options for master, double or twin cabins.

deck of a turkish luxury gulet charterLife Aboard a Traditional Turkish Gulet

On most itineraries gulets cruise for an average of three hours a day, generally by motor to keep to schedule, under glorious sail when weather and 
time permits.

Some fun amenities that you can enjoy on a traditional turkish Gulet include:

  • swimming
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking

All of this can be done while you enjoy traveling the turkish coast.

This wonderful way of traveling is sometimes known as a ‘blue cruise’.

Service is a Prime Necessity

The best Gulet Charter experience can only happen with an experienced captain and excellent cooks.

This makes your Gulet adventures simply unforgettable.

Mealtime options typically will range from secluded coves to picturesque old fishing villages.

All food is prepared in the gulet’s galley by the onboard cook, who conjures up a variety of fresh local delicacies in tune with your specific menu requests planned in advance.

Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is well known for its healthy Mediterranean diet. 

Breakfasts on board typically consists of bread, tomatoes, olives, cheese, eggs, yoghurt and honey.

Lunches (and dinners) are usually hearty meals with grilled meats, fresh fish, accompanied by a variety of salads and tasty side dishes (mezza), followed by fruit or filled pastry.

Delicious local wines are stocked on board, along with a range of spirits, beers, soft drinks and fruit juices.

To sample local cuisine and immerse yourself in the local culture, we recommend dining ashore most evenings in local tavernas or cafes.

cabin of a gulet charter

History of Gulets

The word ‘gulet’ (pronounced “goo-let”) derives from the French goulette, or schooner.

These two-masted wooden vessels, are typically made from pine and mahogany, and were long used for transporting goods and fishing along the southern coasts of Turkey.

Typically designed with a sharp bow, broad beam and rounded stern, they are incredibly stable and offer  an easy motion even in the roughest seas.

These days they are designed and fitted with comfort for guests, rather than the safety of cargo.

a yummy turkish cuisine on a gulet charterGulet Cruise Itineraries

We offer the finest Turkey gulet charters and sailing vacations with a historical, archaeological and cultural theme, coupled with watersports and culinary treasures of the Lycian coast.

Enjoy total relaxation, beautiful food, and superb swimming along with archaeological adventures and exploring Bazzars.

Most Gulet charters have a wide range of itineraries throughout the Aegean and Antalya coasts, as well as throughout the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatia.

Private Gulet Charters

Gulets are available and used for:

  • Private groups (large and small)
  • Honeymoons
  • Extended family holidays
  • Corporate events

When & Where to Go

The gulet cruise calendar runs from spring until autumn.

Weather in Turkey is the warmest of all the Mediterranean regions, and the least affected by the Meltemi winds that are so common in mid summer in Greece.

Map of Gulf of Fethiye

The 2 most popular cruising areas for Gulet Charters are:

These two areas include some of the most beautiful harbors and bays in all of Turkey.

The best time to experience Turkey is in the late spring and late summer to avoid summer crowds.

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